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The Great Smoky Mountains, one of the greatest National Parks in the United States, is home to a variety of undiscovered animal life, and mysterious legends spanning back to the creation itself. Some of this animal life prefers to remain undiscovered and will go to great lengths to keep themselves and the entrance to their world hidden from the humans that frequent the camp. Babe and her friends, disguised as park rangers, guard the doorway to their world and its secrets that our world is not prepared to handle.
 Main Characters
Good food, backscratches and
money make this bear's world go
around.  A heart of gold if you're
one of hers, but she'll easily
laugh at anyone's misery.
Stumbling into the portal, Cody was erased
from existence.  He didn't seem to mind so
much... he had already lost everything
important to him.  Now he works for Babe as
housekeeper to the Lodge.
Babe's right hand man, err...
raccoon.  Hidden behind his
shades and surly exterior is a
true friend, evident in his loyalty
to Babe and the crew.
A self proclaimed "Species Explorer", this fox
squirrel has made it his duty to spread love to
every corner of the animal kingdom.  Perplexed
by Cody's "verjeenity", he has taken him under
his experienced and furry little wing.
Someone has to worry about
things, so it may as well be this
floppy eared rabbit and her
motherly instincts.  Her fuzzy
shoulder is always available.
Not so easily disguised, Scooter stays near
the portal, keeping a close watch from the
nearby lake.  An unlikely boyfriend to Penny,
this turtle spends his off-time kissing up to
her and playing video games with the guys.
The Portal:  Unknown to the human world, this doorway
between worlds has been the closely guarded secret of a
priveledged few from its other side.  Anyone who goes
through it is erased from existence.  Even those who guard
it have little understanding of its purpose and mystery.
Bearback Falls:  Unable to keep the area around
the portal out of land purchased for the Great Smoky
Mountains in 1930, influential people connected with the
portal were able to put their own "rangers" in position
at the park.  To reduce suspicion, campers are still allowed,
but under those rangers' watchful eyes.
The Lodge:  Originally built during Prohibition as a 
smuggling hub and resort getaway for Tennessee's
affluential crowd, the lodge is nestled in a discreet cove on
Asdudi Lake with a network of underground tunnels and
store rooms.  Since then, it has been expanded to
accomodate the transport of goods through the portal.
Asdudi:  Once a small mining town, then a haven for illegal
moonshiners, and now an "artist community".  Asdudi, or
"closed door" in Cherokee, has become a refuge for people
from the other side of the portal.  Dealing with tourists is
a small price to pay for the convenience of living among their
own and maintaining a limited access to their world.



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